September Charity Challenge: “2020 Snowdonia Mine to Mountain”

On 19 September 2020, Callum Aveling and some colleagues from Sovereign Wealth, as well as a small handful of other representatives at St. James’s Place, participated in the ‘Mine to Mountain 14 hour Challenge’ in Snowdonia, Wales, in order to continue supporting The St. James’s Place Foundation and raise even more money. 

They harnessed up and climbed down to the deepest publicly accessible point in the UK via a disused slate mine (some 900 meters below ground!!). The mine has been untouched for many years, with dated relics remaining everywhere. Using only headtorches, they scrambled their way out back to the surface – avoiding dangerous falls and huge holes in the ground – and continued to climb all the way up to the highest mountain in England and Wales, Snowdon!

“We had a fantastic day yet again for this year’s challenge. The weather could not have been better with the clearest blue skies (above ground..) – even if it was extremely windy at the top!”  

All in all, they raised £6,385 for The Foundation. Sadly, numbers were very much depleted this year due to the pandemic and as a result fundraising was not as high as normal, but hopefully we can have more numbers and higher fundraising next year.  

Once a year in September, Callum and his colleagues take part in these annual ‘extreme’ challenges (always a slightly different theme from the last) – so if you have ideas for the future or simply want to hear about adventures past feel free to give him an email at 

To read more about The Foundation, visit St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation.